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Chordophonet Virtual Harp & Dulcimer VST 1.0

Chordophonet Virtual Harp & Dulcimer VST Chordophonet Virtual Harp & Dulcimer VST 1.0

Screenshots of Chordophonet Virtual Harp & Dulcimer VST

Chordophonet Virtual Harp & Dulcimer VST Publisher's Description

Chordophonet is a Virtual Harp and Hammered Dulcimer sample based software instrument for VST hosts applications.


- Mode Selector to switch between Harps, glissandos and hammered Dulcimer sounds:

1.- Concert Harp
2.- Celtic Harp
3.- Harp Glissando
4.- Harp Glissando Loop
5.- Hammered Dulcimer
6. -Hammered Dulcimer Octaves

- Biquad Filter: The values are automatically computed when you select any of the filter types. Filter switch includes: LP (Low pass), BP (Band pass), HP (High pass), notch, peak, low pass and high pass shelving filter with adjustable cutoff frequency and bandwidth.
- Each pluck was recorded in 16-bit resolution (44100 Hz sampling rate), using special equipment in a low noise environment.
- Pre-recorded Harp Glissando and Continuous Glissando (Gliss Loop), capturing the sounds produced by rapid sliding motion of fingernails or finger tips across strings ( Ascending gliss: keyrange C3..B3 - Descending gliss: keyrange C4..B4). Alternatively Glissandos can be played by running one’s fingers up and down the white keys of the keyboard, creating an ascending and descending gliss effect.
- Release Time parameter.
- Virtual Room: Free variation of acoustic ambience thanks to complete separation of the Harp or Dulcimer and the room.
- Affordable price and user-friendly attitude are sure to attract many enthusiasts and musicians.
- FULL MIDI Automation: Complete MIDI Continuous Controller. You can use this to automate parameter changes from a sequencer, or to control your synthesizers from an external MIDI control surface.

( Syntheway CVHHD)

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